What is the IntraAwareness Coaching Program™?

The IntraAwareness Coaching Program (IACP™) is a program designed to coach coaches on how to continuously achieve and exceed transformational and financial results in the field of their choosing.

Who is this for?

  • Qualified IntraAwareness Students.

  • Students who want to advance their communication & leadership skills.

  • Students who want to begin their own coaching practice.

  • Students who have their own independent practice and want to elevate their business with more growth, guidance, training, tools, resources and support.

  • Students who want exclusive access as a featured IntraAwareness coach on our website.

Why become an IACP™ Member?

Learn industry proven strategies on how you can:

  • Transition to a full time coach.
  • Become financially stable and free.
  • Build a successful coaching practice.
  • Develop products to earn passive income.
  • Find coaching support & resources in a highly competitive industry.
  • Join a trusted team of resources.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult clients.
  • Market, brand & advertise using social media.
  • Set healthy and clear boundaries.
  • Solve your client's unsolvable problems.
  • Increase your coaching rates based on your level of training.

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