You have invested in the training, and now it's time to get in the repetitions to increase the quality of your skill. 

A few things that set your IntraAwareness Training apart from the rest:

  • Live Monthly Practicums 
  • Ongoing Trainer Support
  • Archive of videos specializing in specific techniques
  • Community of like-hearted Practitioners

The ONLP™ Practicums are recorded live and available for all active IntraAwareness Graduates. By subscribing to this membership, you will be automatically invited to our live events. Concerned about missing a live Practicum? No need! Each monthly recording will be posted in this library.

Course curriculum

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    2022 Practicums

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    • ONLP Practicum - Zoom Call Details
    • DESCRIPTION | Practicing Techniques
    • ONLP | Practicing Techniques | June 1st, 2022

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