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This seminar was recorded live with you in mind!

  • Where does the Unconscious Mind Live?

  • How the Unconscious Mind Live Within the Body?

  • Understanding how the Unconscious Mind is crucial in Life.

  • How Your Mind Receives and Stores Incoming Information.

  • An Easy to Follow Course Layout for Deeper Learning with Each View.

  • EXTENDED BONUS: Audience Members Open Up About Personal Questions!

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Jeremiah Rangel is a Master Life & Business Coach and for over last the 25 years, he has successfully coached over 6200 clients. He is on a life long mission to help as many people as he can discover and fulfill their Life's Purpose through Faith Based Life Coaching. He created IntraAwareness SpiritualNLP™ Coaching & Training to give you the rare opportunity to rapidly accelerate your healing, learning and understanding of your 'Self' so you can live life as the best version of your 'Self' and spread your God-Given Light through helping others.

Jeremiah Rangel

IntraAwareness Founder

Jeremiah Rangel