Course curriculum

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    Anchoring Explained

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    • Defining Reality and Anchors
    • What are Anchors to You?
    • Types of Anchors - Deep Dive
    • Exercise - Response Awareness
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    Re-Conditioning Anchors

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    Wrap Up & Resources

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    • Wrap Up and Takeaways
    • Closing Thoughts
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    • Master Coach Demo

Course Includes:

This seminar was recorded live with you in mind!

  • Learn what Anchoring is and how Anchors are formed

  • Instruction on dismantling negative anchors and creating positive ones

  • Follow Along Healing: Perfect for anyone who has experienced a divorce

  • Unique module to watch live Q&A from studio audience

  • Easy to follow course layout for deeper learning with each visit

  • MASTER COACH DEMO: Watch how one one final question leads to healing a decades old problem for one participant

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