Your Core Values

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During this seminar, you will get a better understanding of who you are, and clarity about how you function based on your Core Values. Leave with a better connection to your Higher Self, while having a game plan on how you can make positive changes in your life starting at the root of each problem that is not in alignment with your goals.  
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Core Values and Everyday Life

Core Values are ranked within your unconscious mind. Often, without being aware of it, your decisions are based on the ranking of these Core Values. Within this course you will learn about your six Core Values and go through a process where you learn how you've unconsciously raked them. This process will be insightful, revealing how and why your relationships are the way they are and much more!
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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction & Overview

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    • Course Overview
  • 02

    Values Overview

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    • Why are Values Important?
    • Four Problems of Values
    • Discerning Neo vs Ego
    • Q&A Break
  • 03

    Values Deep Dive

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    • Layers to our Psychological Selves
    • Spiritual
    • Health
    • Personal
    • Family
    • Relationships
    • Career
    • Values Q&A Break
  • 04

    Values Assessment

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    • Interactive Values Assessment
  • 05

    Wrap Up & Resources

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    • Summary

Knowing what your Core Values are will help you:

This seminar was recorded live with you in mind!

  • Have Mental Clarity

  • Set Powerful Boundaries

  • Attract Healthy Relationships and People

  • Get Faster Results

  • Reduce Wasted Time, Money, Energy & Ultimately Life

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Jeremiah Rangel


Jeremiah Rangel is a Master Life and Business Coach. His mission is to develop communication and leadership skills within Change-Makers™. He created IntraAwareness, an integrated Self-Mastery Training System™ designed to develop physical health, mental focus, spiritual connection, and financial freedom for Change-Makers to achieve Total Life Mastery™.

Jeremiah Rangel

IntraAwareness Founder

Jeremiah Rangel