Why We Created This Course

Relationships Are Everything

Consider your day and your interactions with yourself, money, significant other, co-workers, family, and friends; relationships are everywhere! Some relationships are amazing and flow, while others can be very unhealthy. Just because unhealthy relationships are common, doesn't mean it is natural, or meant to be. During this seminar, you will tap into a higher level of awareness regarding relationships, giving you new options on how to thrive through difficult situations. When do you know a relationship is healthy? When is a relationship ready to end? You'll get some great clarity inside this course! ~ Amanda Rangel, Course Instructor

Embrace the Healthy & Release the Toxic

Are you ready to trust your Self and open space in your life for healthy relationships? This course will give you guidance on a deeper level with visual charts, real-world examples, and not-so-often talked about energetic reasons to embrace your Healthy relationships and have the strength to release Toxic ones.
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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction & Overview

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  • 02

    What is a Relationship?

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  • 03

    Understanding Healthy Relationships

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    • Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship
    • Relationship Flag System
    • Characteristics of a Toxic Relationship
    • Ending Relationships
    • Masculine & Feminine Energies
  • 04

    Marriage and Divorce

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    • Reasons for Marriage
    • Divorce
  • 05

    Wrap Up & Resources

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    • Q&A
    • Wrap Up - What's Next?
    • Closing Thoughts

Course Topics:

  • How do you know when you are in a relationship? (Hint: They are everywhere.)

  • Why are all relationships important. Including ones with people, places & things.

  • How your values and beliefs impact successful or unsuccessful relationships.

  • Characteristics of Healthy & Toxic Relationships. This is huge!

  • Flag system for relationships, and how to stay in the green.

  • The healthy & mature way to end relationships when they are complete.

  • Healthy progressions of dating that no one told you about.

  • Spiritual reasons for marriage and divorce.

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Jeremiah & Amanda Rangel

About Your Instructors

Jeremiah Rangel is a Master Life and Business Coach. His mission is to develop communication and leadership skills within Change-Makers™. He created IntraAwareness, an integrated Self-Mastery Training System™ designed to develop physical health, mental focus, spiritual connection, and financial freedom for Change-Makers to achieve Total Life Mastery™.

Jeremiah Rangel

IntraAwareness Founder

Jeremiah Rangel

Jeremiah & Amanda Rangel

About Your Instructors

Amanda Rangel is a Law of Attraction Speaker & Coach that specializes in Empath Development, Relationships, and Spiritual Guidance. She uses her deep connection to the angelic world as she guides people to develop confidence, spiritual connection, and fulfilling connected relationships.

Amanda Rangel

Law of Attraction Speaker & Coach

Amanda Rangel


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