It's Okay to Talk About Sex

A note from one of your instructors

Raised Catholic, sex was a very awkward subject in my childhood household. So during my beginning sexual years, I tried to be "good" at sex by copying what I saw on TV and in the movies. There was a certain amount of confusion, curiosity, and freedom to it all...followed by shame and some less than positive feeling energies. So many conflicting concepts surrounded this topic. Well, that time is over for me and it can be over for you too! Talking about sex in a healthy way filled with Light (instead of shame and guilt) is the purpose of this seminar. We cover a TON of great stuff. Full disclosure: Even participants who were VERY excited to talk about sex in a healthy way noticed old programs of uncomfortably come up during this seminar; not because of what we were talking about, but because that is the old program that can sometimes automatically hit "play" internally when the topic comes up. Are you ready for healing, insights, and breakthroughs? We look forward to seeing you inside the course! ~ Amanda

Mixed Messages & Confusion

Even as an adult there can be

If you are young and doing your own research or an adult who got a crash course in sex from your school-aged friends and haven't upgraded those original (and likely inaccurate) files; check out this seminar to gain a new perspective while shining some love, light, and clarity on the topic of sex in your life. Chances are your questions, curiosity, and concerns are addressed in this course.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction & Overview

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  • 02

    Learning about Sex

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    • Where do we Learn Sex From?
    • How Sex is Supposed to Work
    • Advantages and Disadvantages
    • The Layers of Lust
  • 03

    Your First Experience

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    • What is your First Experience of Sex?
    • Healthy and Unhealthy
    • Healing and Clearing your First Impression of Sex
  • 04

    Boundaries and Expectations

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    • Progressions of Dating
  • 05

    Wrap Up & Resources

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    • Conclusion & Takeaways

Course Includes:

This seminar was recorded live with you in mind!

  • What is healthy and unhealthy sex

  • Why is healthy sex important

  • How to clear and heal any negative first impressions of sex, to set right your relationship with it

  • Insights on how other people were introduced to sex, is it different or similar to your experience

  • Healthy progression of sex in intimate relationships

  • Light and Dark energies that can impact sexual experiences

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