Foundation of True Listening

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As the world continues to change, the need for leaders to emerge with a high-quality skill set for communication and conflict resolution is becoming more and more important. The basis of great communication is listening to what a person is saying behind their words. During this seminar, we will go into really listening and hearing other people in your life. Once you understand the details of what they are saying you can move towards becoming a dynamic leader at work, in your home, and personal life. ~ Jeremiah Rangel
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What does it mean to create positive change?

Have you ever been in a conversation that seems to go around in circles? You and the other just become more and more frustrated and there seems to be no movement in understanding? This is very common for people who have little or no training in NLP. Specifically spiritual NLP which goes deeper to an energetic level. When you are able to see things differently you are able to take the lead in your life. Being the most resourceful person in the room comes with great advantages and responsibilities. This seminar will lead you deeper into the world of intelligent communication.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction & Overview

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  • 02


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    • Mental Snowman
    • Breaking Submodalities Apart
    • Verbal Exercise
    • Anatomy of a Modality
  • 03

    Q&A and Demos

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    • Q&A Session
    • Live Demo
    • Live Demo Q&A
  • 04

    Wrap Up & Resources

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    • What If?
    • Conclusion & Takeaways
    • Wrap Up: Meditation

Course Includes:

This seminar was recorded live with you in mind!

  • Learn how the seven submodalities create your everyday life

  • How to understand what people really mean behind their words

  • Gain insight into your own thought process and how it gives you the results you have in life

  • Breakdown sentences to better understand kinks in communication

  • Added awareness, which will give you an advantage in communicating with others

  • Skills to increase your ability to parent, teach, and lead

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